What makes a Renovation Successful?

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June 28, 2017
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How do you begin once you decide to go ahead and renovate a space in your home or perhaps your entire home? Renovation, no matter how large or small is very multifaceted.

There are many working pieces before and during a renovation. One of the most important aspects is the individuals you select to work with to create your ideal ensuite bathroom or remodel your kitchen and basement. Professionals are one of your biggest assets; from deciding whether to work with an architect, interior design firm or a reliable interior decorator and general contractor… the choices you make here are critical. You want to hire individuals who not only have experience; but those who listen well when you are speaking on the phone or in person. Your renovation is your dream and dreams can come true if you are well organized; have set a realistic budget and know there are going to be some challenges along the way!

I have been in the habit to ask clients to create Pinterest pages or put together a file of tear sheets of images from magazines showing design elements, colours, styles etc. that they think their renovation should include. This exercise often gets couples and family members involved and say what they really want! There are so many choices in our global marketplace; it is often difficult to get and stay on track. As the homeowner, doing your research and building a body of knowledge will prove helpful when making decisions before and during the renovation process. You will be more self-assured and conversant you are with terms and styles etc.

Plans and design are the guides that professionals use to make your dreams reality. The plans provide details of the project and note in a standard method all the points that need to be budgeted for and distinctly followed. Ask lots of questions during this phase. The designer and other professionals hired for your renovation are well versed in product selection, lighting plans, floor styles and furniture placement. To go custom or select from the many reliable cabinet makers or millwork companies is part of the reason to hire professionals. Their access and relationships with other trustworthy company’s is also a huge benefit when it comes to selection and specification during the planning and design process. There is often more than one solution at a different price point; which can make a difference to the bottom line of your budget. Wherever possible, get the best quality that your budget allows; you will never be disappointed with an item that provides a source of great practicality within your project. It can be challenging to remember that the practical and functional part of your selections should always be top of mind over the pleasing to the eye choices of your style. Having said that; during every renovation project clients fall in love with a fabric or a species of wood that just makes it all come together…always a good decision, if you absolutely love it.

Let’s go back to the original question…what makes a renovation successful? Genuine input from all members of the team; open communication and patience are all important. Everyone involved in your renovation has a role to play and guidelines to follow; together success can happen for you.